Self Care

Bath Salts

muscle recovery and joint pain

stress relief

increased circulation



aromatherapy room & linen spray


uplifts the mood & invigorates the senses


aromatherapy room & linen spray


aids mindfulness, meditation & prayer


aromatherapy room & linen spray


promotes general decompression & sleep


aromatherapy room & linen spray


enhances creativity & sense of pleasure


aromatherapy room & linen spray


softens anxiety, worry & nervousness


(previously called Muscle Help)

muscle & joint topical oil

sore /tight muscles

aching joints

Loofah Sponge

gentle exfoliation

increase circulation


locally sourced

Bath Salts

Magnesium Chloride

Himalayan Pink Salt

Dead Sea Salt


Single-Bath Jar    $5

5-Bath Bag           $20

Aromatherapy Room & Linen Sprays

Functional aromatherapy

glass bottles with fine mist sprayers

1 oz.       $8

2 oz.       $13

ACTIVATE/energizing: lifts the mood & invigorates the senses 

DIVE/grounding: aids mindfulness, meditation & prayer 

EXHALE/relaxing: promotes general decompression & sleep 

LUNA/stimulating: enhances creativity & sense of pleasure 

STILLNESS/calming: softens anxiety, worry & nervousness 

MoJo muscle & joint oil

high quality Arnica oil with a potent blend of essential oils

for sore/tight muscles or aching joints

1 oz. pump           $20

2 oz. pump           $36

**Do not use on broken skin

**Do not use if pregnant or nursing

Loofah Sponge

Locally grown loofah gourd sponges are typically about 8-12″ in length with varying diameter

Completely natural and biodegradable



**let dry completely between uses

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Legal Disclaimer

I am not a medical doctor. Always exercise caution when using products containing essential oils, especially if you have a known medical condition. Adverse reactions are possible when using any product so please use your own judgement to determine if any of these products are right for you.

Products listed and sold on this site are never meant to diagnose, treat or cure any particular medical condition – please consult your physician.

Ingredients are listed on the label and you can always ask any questions before purchasing.